Vintage Properties started in the Mid-town area and was formerly named Rothwood Real Estate Management & Investments. After being in business for years Broker, Jayne Ellen Woody realized that her true passion and talent was in the revival and renovation of the older rental properties. The pride that she felt when an owner saw what she could create and the income that could be generated with these treasures was overwhelming. The excitement when showing a revived vintage rental to a prospective client was elating. It was a wonderful feeling to know that you were providing a service to owners, residents and the neighborhood by simply doing what you loved.

It was a risk to strictly dedicate a business to the management of older properties in a limited area, but the alternative was to become a cookie cutter management company without passion. With a deep breath and conviction of purpose the leap was taken. Vintage Properties opened its doors on September 1, 2003 with 100 true vintage homes and apartments in their inventory.

“The goal is to revive these older structures and make them assets to their neighborhoods, to attract new people to the downtown and surrounding areas by providing a bit of our time-treasured past. We are just at the beginning of our quest and we haven't shown all those vintage investors just what we can do for them, but we will.”