This high quality standard aids in promoting long-term, happy residents, maximizes profit and minimizes damage and turnover cost to our clients.

Vintage Properties is not just another property management company. We are dedicated solely to older rental properties, in the Mid-town, East Sac and Park areas of Sacramento. We manage single homes, duplexes, and apartments up to fifteen units. The goal is to educate investors on the value of esthetic, vintage improvements and maintenance. Renters aren't just looking for a place to store their belongings, they want a home, one with character and charm. They are willing to pay a high price for a lifestyle, and that's what we provide.

The mission of Vintage Properties is to be sure that every investor's property is performing to the top of its mark, and will be considered an asset by the community, not a hindrance. We personally assess your property and give you a professional opinion on the current performance and how it can be improved. We believe that property investments demand proper maintenance, especially vintage era properties, and that is where our passion for older rentals pays off.

Legally and professionally we are the same as most other property management companies. But, if you are looking for the best personal care, highest quality of tenant for your rental and the greatest return on your vintage property investment, then you should make an appointment and get to know us better. We would love to share our expectations and accommodate yours.


Let’s get to know each other.

We would love to share our expectations and accommodate yours.